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    Pendo Pad TPC7SLV
    Hi all, long time reader first time poster.
    I was recently given a PendoPad TPC7SLV (pretty crap device really)
    It's only running 2.1, so after using a ZTE V9 with 2.2 for some time, you can appreciate how using 2.1 is akin to getting out a hammer and chisel to carve notes on a stone tablet (pun intended)
    Firstly I have just posted a question elsewhere as to whether there is a 2.2 upgrade device, but in the mean time, can anyone tell me it there's any way to get more results when searching the market (running 2.1 I assume I cannot get Play Store?)?
    For example, I open the market and click on games;all games; top free and there's only 3 games shown - Sudoku Free, Paper Toss and Mahjong (i haven't even typed a search string yet!)
    My guess was the device filters out games that are not compatible, but next I searched for wordfeud (which says is supported by android 1.5 and above) - It saya there's 513 results, but I can only see 10, and none are hits for the actual game, only things like Word Feud Help.

    Anyone got any thoughts/comments?



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