Prime Unlock and ROM Flash Progress/Review

Discussion in 'Asus TF201 Forum' started by pbrauer, Feb 24, 2012.

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    So for those that may be waiting to test the water, here is an update on where I am with the whole Root-Unlock-Flash ROM process, and what it did and did not fix.

    Let me start off by saying I had one of the BCOXXXX series tablets that had the serial number issues. I did the Ratchet fix, did the other fix suggestions from ASUS, nothing worked. When the unlocker came along I was estatic, until I found out that the serial number block/problem meant I could not run the unlocker either.

    Long story made short, I checked and found that one of the local Best Buy stores actually had a Prime in stock and was able to go and do an even exchange, even though I was past my time window. I explained what the situation was, and one of the Geek Squad guys backed me up to the manager and they took care of it. Brought the new machine home, plugged it in, charged it, turned it on and BOOM, it immediately started updating. Got to .14, and then I did some checks. No screen bleed, so that was good...but NO GPS! Not even a flicker, nothing.

    That all being done, I took the further plunge and here is what I did step by step:

    1. Downloaded ViperBoy's app to Root, Install Unlock and Install Clockwork. Easy no sweat process as long as you have your USB cable and a PC.
    2. Downloaded the brand spanking new VirtuousPrime ROM
    3. Backed everything up with Titanium
    4. Rebooted into Recovery - this is a little different than my other tablets. Hold the Vol- Rocker down, Press Power until starts to boot, when you see the little writing in the upper left press the Vol+ Rocker up.
    5. Booted into Clockwork
    6. Backed up my entire ROM with CWM
    7. Wiped Cache and did Factory Reset
    8. Installed Virtuous Prime v2
    9. Crossed fingers and rebooted

    I can now report, machine booted up beautifully, waited the 30 minutes for everything to stabilize like the instructions say, and then off to the races.

    Here are some of the results:
    • New ROM is seriously lean, a TON of bloatware was removed
    • Speedtest results from home (Comcast Broadband through a Tenda WiFi router), Ping 15ms, Download in the 21 Mbps range and upload in the 8.7 Mbps range. These speeds are consistent up to 60 feet from the Router, on a different floor and in all rooms
    • GPS starts seeing satellites indoors in about 10 seconds, I am getting 12-14 sats consistently in 60 seconds and a full lock to at least 5 in 30 seconds or less
    All in all, this tablet is now truly the BEAST I hoped for when I bought the thing, I can't wait for more ROMs, and hopefully a Cornerstone ROM.

    Loving life with the Prime, hands down recommend it now.
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    +1 On all of that. I am running the same setup with the exception to the serenity theme 2.5i and updated virtious prime .15 v1

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