[Q]Help please! Video/Audio Playback Problems with NC

Discussion in 'Nook' started by wintwelve, Feb 27, 2011.

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    Feb 27, 2011
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    I have been using NC for 2 weeks and meet a very strange problem(to me). After a fresh boot-up, everything is fine. However, if I start to watch a h.264 video(.mp4 or youtube) for a while, the playback becomes funky. Particularly, the audio playback is not smooth(choppy). I can hear 3 or 4 glitches in a regular 4 min song. After cleaning the memory by task manager, the problem is still there, even just using the music app. Quite annoying problem to me, since I just feel my NC choppy and unstable. I have no idea whether it is the memory, cpu, or Android 2.1 scheduling problem. The only thing I noticed is after a fresh reboot, everything is fine for about 4 mins. Does anyone have similar issues? Any hints and help to fix the problem would be appreciated.

    1.1.0 rooted by auto-nooter 3.0
    Advanced Task Manager, ES Task Manager

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