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Discussion in 'Zenithink Tablets' started by advido, May 20, 2012.

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    Zenithink ZT 280 C91
    ..I've just brought my Dad (totally pc illiterate) a ZT 280 C91 as a prezzy. I've set it up at my house using my wi-fi and gmail account and put all his favourites sites on the front screen for easy access. Now - I want to go over to his house and set up his wi-fi (no probs) BUT how do I completely eliminate my gmail account from the pad and set it up as a new user for his gmail account ? There seems to be no way of erasing my account completely - only switching it on/off but not removing it.
    I don't want to do a reset and start from scratch all over again....
    Surely there must be a way - otherwise at the moment it will log on as me and he'll get my email....

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