RIM May be Linked to the 'Wake Up' Anti-Apple Campaign

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    And the plot thickens... Apparently there is a new twist in the entertaining story about the anti-Apple flash-mob/protestors ad campaign called "Wake Up" that we shared with you last week. At first, many publications "assumed" the ad campaing was from Samsung. There were a number of different reasons why this made sense, but as we later reported, it turned out that Samsung likely didn't having anything to do with it. They came forward on Friday and adamantly denied having sponsored it in any way.

    Since then, some new details have emerged from some sleuthing. Here is a quote with the new "plot twist":

    If this turns out to be accurate, then it would easily qualify as another case of "the pot calling the kettle black." Although one could easily argue there are consumers out there who need to "Wake Up" and realize there are great alternatives to iOS, RIM really isn't the one who should be pointing that finger. With the distance they have fallen over the past year and a half (or more), they are the ones who need to wake up their upper management before the ship sinks completely. Fancy advertising campaigns won't do that.

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