[Rumor] Amazon to Use Foxconn for its 10.1 Inch Android Tablet Design

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    It seems that today is a day for tablet rumors. The newest one comes from DigiTimes, and although they don't have a perfect track record, their intel turns out to be good fairly often. This newest rumor is that Foxconn has secured the contract with Amazon to build their 10.1 inch Android Tablet. Unfortunately, the source for this rumor indicates that the tablets aren't scheduled to start hitting store shelves until early 2012. This is in opposition to previous rumors that we would see an Amazon Android Tablet during the holiday season later this year.

    Perhaps this particular rumor is also a bit "dubious". One clue is that there have been rumors floating around previously that Foxconn would be the new builder of Apple's next iPad3, later this year. The likelihood that they could keep up with tablet production for both Apple and Amazon, simultaneously, seems like a stretch. Who knows though? Stranger things have happened...

    Source: AndroidCommunity and DigiTimes
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