Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 under emulation? (ROM => under Virtualbox possible?)

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Hacking' started by jvsrvcs, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Galaxy Tab 10.1
    I want to do a number of things. I have a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet (Verizon with no service)

    1) I want to make a ROM image and save it on my local machine
    2) I want to run that image under:
    a) virtual box and also
    b) Android SDK emulator (with
    Internet connectivity as if I were actually using the device)

    3) I want to be able to install the latest version of Android and all
    necessary drivers for the device, and upgrade as needed dumping a ROM back to the device.

    If someone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated. I have
    googl'd around for three days and nothing works, so I would need
    something more along the lines of step by step instructions or tools
    to do this with.

    I am new to this and at this point the only thing I have is the SDK.

    If anyone can point me to any direct links of detailed instructions on how to:
    1) dump a rom from this device
    2) run under the android sdk / emulation
    3) run under virtual box
    4) upload any new rom to the device

    Places (web sites), where I can get enhanced Tab 10.1 ROMS


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    Waiting for a good iPod Touch Android Device
    The android SDK emulator is so slow that it makes this not feasible. It takes a few minutes just for the stock img of 2.3 to boot up! I also don't think that you can run them in Virtual Box. Why do you want to do this on your computer? If you just want to run android apps then check out bluestacks. BlueStacks App Player :: Download Here to Start Playing Android Apps on Your PC Right Now

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