Samsung is Being Sued by Brazil for $100 Million Dollars Due to Labor Violations

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    Over the past couple of years, one of the big controversies was that Apple's iPad Foxconn plants in China had deplorable working conditions. This resulted in a small media backlash against the company. Samsung was accused of some of the same things, although not to the degree that Apple was. Well, it now appears Samsung is not above the same stink after-all, but this time it's in Brazil, not China.

    According to a new report, Samsung is being sued by Brazil for $100 Million dollars due to supposedly serious labor violations. Here's a quote with more detail,

    By now we probably shouldn't be surprised about stuff like this, but it's still a good thing to see it coming to light. The only way this can be changed is to bring it out onto the world stage for everyone to view, then maybe all of these companies will start working harder at eliminating this problem.

    Source: BGR

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