Soliciting real life user experience for the Onda V711

Discussion in 'Onda Tablet Forum' started by drussthelegend, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Hey fellas!

    I am done with research on my end and have settled for the Onda V711. Its cheap and available locally in where I live. Now, I don't want to the person crying out against 200 pts difference in benchmarks or quibble aver 30 minutes difference in battery life; but I would really appreciate it if can get some real life user impression.

    I am by nature a very lazy person. So the Onda tablet will be akin to a primary entertainment device - and I don't bring work home. So it is going to be very important. Web surfing and reading. They are my two passions. I am not a hardcore or a dedicated gamer; but on a slow day I can see myself killing time playing something fun. I like music - no, I like it enough to listen to free internet radio whenever I am reading. When I take a break from reading, generally, I find myself in Youtube. And I like to browse Deviantart - for obvious reasons... :p

    Having exposed my embarrassing side; if you can relate your experiences to the above mentioned points - well, I can only offer my gratitude and a promise of future Onda tablet membership.

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Onda VI40 Dual Core, Onda VI30 Dual Core, Onda V711 Dual Core, Zenithink C97 Dual Core
    Hi Druss,

    I have the Onda V711 since the day it was available.
    Official 1.5 firmware is rock solid and lightning fast:
    Antutu Benchamark: 10.378
    Quadrant: 5.789

    It's perfect for reading e-books.
    With half brightness and wifi off while reading, the battery lasts for 8 hours minimum.
    The battery needs a couple of cycles to get steady.

    Everything else works really smooth, i have not run into any problems really.
    I run the minimum of apps, i removed all unwanted (chinese) apps with Titanium Backup&Root.

    Hope this helps, you made a good choice buying this beast of a tablet :)

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