Some one know the 7 inch U70h?

Discussion in 'Telechips TCC8902 Tablets' started by MRM_BR, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Hello everbody,
    I dont know if some one can help me but i bougth a 7 inch, android 2.1, telechips 8902B, ARM2, Main frequency 720Mhz, DDR2 256mb ram, 8GB rom flash from e-bay. Link: 7 WiFi Tablet PC Mini Laptop Netbook Laptops 8GB U70h W - eBay (item 120670147836 end time Apr-09-11 21:38:31 PDT)

    The tablet do not arrived yet and i dont have any other specification other than in the announcement.
    I already try to find the model that the seller says, U70H, on google but i dont find anything.

    I would like to know if some one have this tabler or already hear about and can help me find rom or OS upgrades or any site that i can find this anwser on my own.

    Thank you for the help

    Best regards,

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