Study: Android is least open of open source mobile platforms (via Ars Technica)

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News Depot' started by OffWorld, Aug 5, 2011.

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    I've said it before on these boards that Android doesn't operate like other open source projects, particularly in the way Google does things behind closed doors in-house and there's no clear path to contribute back upstream. Now there's a study that ranks Android as the least open of open source mobile platforms:

    Study: Android is least open of open source mobile platforms
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    I don't take faith in any study done by the European Union. 9 times out of 10 their "studies" are based on, if it's American it's already on the bottom of "our" list.
    The study is disingenious to include Symbian and rate it's "open source" even though the Symbian Foundation has made it a closed source system again.

    As far as so called "open source" stuff goes, I'm glad Google has some control over it. How secure is it really that open source projects like Linux have their entire code out there for someone to go through the security systems and more easily exploit it. It's fine on Linux as it's not even 1% of the install base of computers out there. There is no motivation for people to mine it for financial gain. With Android there is huge reason to keep it secure. Think about how many android devices are out there. No how many people check their bank accounts from their phones? Or use paypal or google checkout.
    I feel safer using Android to do these activites because Google keeps a hand in Android.
    If people/device makers don't like it. Don't buy or put out products with Android. They can go to the WP7 or some other platform.
    As someone that's been around computers for a looong time, I see why Google is trying to keep Android open source, but still control it. It's called Linux. Linux is open source, therefore, many groups have developed their own "Flavor". Red Hat, Deban, Mint, Ubuntu, ect, ect, ect. They are all at their core, Linux, but they go about things in different ways. So now you have 40 operating systems called 1 thing, but they do stuff differently.
    This is what Google is trying to prevent (That and they can keep the default search provider Google ;) )

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