SWYPE language is English but SWYPE interaction is not English, but Russian...???

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1' started by Speedoluvv, Oct 7, 2011.

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    I had SWYPE Beta on my tablet before the update. I uninstalled SWYPE Beta before the OS upgrade and now I have the version of SWYPE that came with the upgrade. The selected language is ENGLISH, but all the interactions with SWYPE come up in a different language, like RUSSIAN or something. The letters on the keyboard are ENGLISH letters, but the buttons to toggle to numbers, symbols is not ENGLISH. When prompted if SWYPE should add a word to the dictionary, the interaction is in a different language, like RUSSIAN or something.

    How can I fix this??? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Updated 10/08/11, this is true regardless of language chosen... HELP! $SC20111008-082445.jpg $SC20111008-082016.jpg
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