Tablet Can't Connect to WiFi?

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    I have a The Double Power 7" Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen Tablet T708 and these few days it been giving me problems I can't view webpages on the browser or applications even though it's connected. the youtube app will display "There was a problem with the network"
    and with Opera mobile web browser it'll display "Could not locate server" and I know it's not the
    broadband Router because my brothers have phones and they can easily connect to the internet so something is wrong with the tablet that is not allowing me connect. right before that happened I downloaded Adblock plus from the playstore at first it was okay I could view webpages but later on I had trouble viewing the webpages so I unstalled it and now I have this problem? Does anybody know how to fix this.
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    Despite the fact that the phones connect, that doesn;t mean your tablet won't have a problem. I have seen that on the forum over and over. It may be the different chipset or some other app or possibly the Android version but I suggest you check out the info in the WiFi connection problems link below. I think something there should work.
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    Install the wifi fixer app. This app will solve the problems of the wifi.

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