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    I'm searching for a tablet which I will use exclusively to read scientific pdfs (scripts from my university). I tried the the kindle and what I loved was the long battery life and the looks of text, but two things were messed up:
    1. I could not zoom the pdf like I wanted to (no fluent zoom)
    2. and most important: the resolution is realy low, when trying to read small formulas it was just impossible (I'm reading on my iPhone 4 at the moment, I can read those better there than on the kindle).

    Is there any tablet out there (or have you heard of one coming out soon) that has at least 200dpi (better 250-300) and also such an amazing battery life or at least which will last a day of reading and also 9" or smaller?
    I thought about the new kindle hd or nexus 7, but 10 hours is not that big.

    EDIT: I don't have any specific budget on this, but I think everything 1000$+ would be overkill (you can convince me otherwise though).
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