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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by Chazumi, Nov 9, 2011.

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    I am really excited to take the tablet plunge but I have a few questions from the experts before I do.

    Question 1: Do they sell toughbook/hard cases for them? Mostly I will be using it indoors on a couch but I will also be using it at work where I am outside a lot, does rainfall affect these things severely?

    Question 2: How does surfing the internet and such work? For example, I know you can use a tablet to browse the internet and search the market and stuff but like, do I have to pay a carrier dependent on what kind I get for an additional data package? Right now I have a T-mobile service, galaxy S android phone. Do I have to buy a T-mobile tablet, and do I have to pay them for an additional data package for the tablet?

    Question 3: What is "wi-fi" only? I know what wifi is but saying "wifi only" meaning....I cant ethernet into a computer or something for internet? Sorry, stupid question :p

    Question 4: Do tablets come with stylus' usually? Do you guys recommend getting them? Also, what is the hype over the keyboards, what other accessories do you guys recommend?

    Question 5: I know this should belong in the sticky thread but: Motorola XOOM vs Transformer Prime. I will be using my tablet for work mainly (we just went pure digital, paperless environment), but also a lot for browsing and a few games. Now my question is, with price not being an issue, is it worth the wait to get the prime, do I need that kind of power or is it just overkill when you are mainly just working with a lot of pdf and text documents? I really dont want to wait this device will be a huge organizer for me, and I will upgrade next christmas either way. What do you guys think?

    Oh and also, is the XOOM rootable? I'm limited with rooting knowledge and I didn't see anything on amazon that said you could root it.

    Thanks for your help in advance!
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    1. Panasonic has a line of hardened devices, and then there are also cases depending on your tablet that are hardened too, including things like Otterbox for the Galaxy. I have a simple clip style case, and have had no issues after daily heavy use for a year, including rain and snow and multiple drops.

    2. If you get a 3g/4g capable device then you will need to pay for the Cellular service from a provider. There are a few devices that allow you to add a sim card for service, then you are not tied to a specific carrier, you will need to decide if that is the device for you.

    3. A Wi-Fi only device simply means that the only way it connects is over a Wi-Fi network. There are only one or two devices that I am aware of that allow a hardwire ethernet connection, but depending on where you are, Wi-fi is pretty ubiquious.

    4. Most tablets right now do NOT have a stylus, although there are some new ones coming out with them. Capacitive screens do not have a great response to most stylii, although this is possible and getting better.

    5. I will answer this the way I always answer this very common question. No matter what device you buy, it will be "obsolete" as soon as you open the box. Moore's Law applies here, newer, faster, better is always 6-18 months down the road. If you are ready to buy, put a stake in the ground and buy the best you can afford at that moment knowing that you will see the next great device coming soon, otherwise you will always be waiting.

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