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    So here I am, wanting to buy my first tablet and I've had my emotions range from excitement, disappointment, to overloaded.

    I was looking at the ASUS TF201 and then realized that my local store still has it on preorder status. My first disappointment.
    Then I sign up for the preorder anyway and do more digging into the tablet and find out there are some problems, maybe questionable, maybe solved with firmware, but definteily not without some issues.
    Next I hear about the TF700t but it's not due out until Q2.

    I'm a photographer and I want to show off my photos on a great screen. I like the idea of full size ports. I don't want something that's "old". And I don't want any Apple or Microsoft products.

    What _currently_ has great reviews, excellent quality screen, can have an add-on keyboard, good battery life, and maybe full-size USB ports that you can transfer files to and from external storage?

    I've looked at the Thrive, which may be discontinued (according to the questionable source of info on another thread), the ASUS products, and briefly at Lenovo.

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    ASUS is the only manufacturer with a keyboard solution so fully-integrated. I would recommend the TF201, myself; it's still an incredible tablet, and DOES have really good optics; for a tablet. The screen is also the brightest by far of any tablet. The only issue is GPS (wi-fi issues are sporadic, some have it some don't. New models probably won't), and that still works. Just takes longer to lock on.

    The screen is one of it's best qualities, IMO. Super smooth too, considering the quad-core and ICS already being available. Best battery life of any Android tab as well, and no other has a keyboard dock with battery. Don't forget, it has the full-size SD slot on the dock, which is perfect for photos. Only other tab with that is the Thrive, IIRC, and it is relatively outdated (and heavy/thick).

    It also has an extremely solid build quality, and I really like the look of the build. ASUS is a very good engineering company - you need to be to manufacture Motherboards.

    If not the TF201, then the TF101 or wait for the TF700T. They're the best tablets for your needs, IMO, especially the Keyboard docks, and are very good bang-for-your-buck ratio.

    If you want an extremely detailed view of display quality, however, then check out this scientific analysis by DisplayMate. They do great work - I've referenced them on many an occasion. Their list isn't that up-to-date with the latest tablets, however. They don't have the Prime, smaller Galaxy Tabs, or the Tablet S/P.
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