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    I have just bought this tablet, through ************, and received it in the USA.

    The main reason I bought was because it's one of the few tablets I could find that you insert a SIMM card in, and use it as a GPS and even as a phone.

    The first problem I found is that the manual it comes with is in Chinese only. I am struggling to find one in English. Neither can I find a manufacturer support address to write to, as they might have other user manual options.

    The tablet seems to be very powerful, with Intel CPU and excellent graphics. So I wonder what they are waiting to get non-Chinese customers acquainted with this brand and model.

    It has dual-boot, through Android and Windows. On tablets I am mostly familiar with Android, even if I don't find it to be as good as a Windows 7 or 8. So I choose Android.

    Then went into configuration and changed the language to English.

    There were many pre-installed programs the tablet came with that I had to uninstall, because they were in Chinese and I had no instructions to change their language.

    Teclast should provide an English and other language manual as soon as possible, if they are interested in Western markets.

    Has anyone tried this tablet and help me further with it?

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