Top five Go locker themes for Android Mobiles (free)

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    Lockers introduce a way to lock and unlock your Android mobile screen. A locker screen’s primary function is to keep unwanted guests from accessing your device, along with that it enhances the look of your android mobile screen. Most of us use it because they can change their Android mobile look according to their mood. Top five Android Go locker themes are:

    1. Eiffel Tower Go Locker Theme:
    Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous monuments in Seven Wonders of the World as voted worldwide online. It is a puddle iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. Have a simple and elegant Eiffel tower locker screen in a way very similar to the iphone locker screen.Visit this elegant go locker theme at:


    2. Green Night HD Go Locker Theme:
    Get a beautiful Go Locker screen and fill your Android mobile screen with amazing abstract animations. This go locker has a dynamically painted professional abstract art. It shows a nice night scene background having awesome abstract features. Have this elegant Super cool night look with green touch Abstract locker screen at:


    3. Love you always Go locker:
    Fill your Android mobile screens with the sweetness of love just like rose fills in the air when it is at it’s full bloom. Feel the softness of lover’s eyes with an innocent glow and warm your Android screen with the surrounding of love and care, just like 3 little words when said combined at:


    4. Abstract super Cool Go locker:
    Abstract super Cool Go locker is a Go locker with amazing abstract animations. This go locker has a dynamically painted professional abstract art. It shows a blue coloured background having awesome abstract features. Don’t miss to download this amazing android application that especially who loves abstract paintings. Get a chance to install this lovely blue themed locker screen on your HD Android mobiles at:


    5. Locker Screen For inspiration:
    Locker screen for inspiration has a dynamically painted professional abstract. It shows a crushed paper kind of white background with a quote by “Madam Curie”. This locker theme will inspire you every time for working .Get a chance to install high quality graphics locker theme at your android mobile at:


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