Toshiba Outs More Details for Their Android Tablet, The 'Thrive'

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    Recently, Philip Osako, Director of Product Marketing at Toshiba, gave a demonstration of their hotly anticipated Android tablet, called 'Thrive.' First of all, the most exciting info was that the new tablet will be available for pre-order starting June 13 at all major retail outlets. It will be priced competitively, with an 8GB model for $429, a 16GB Model for $479, and a 32BG version for $579.

    From Mr. Osako, we find out that Toshiba wanted to create a product that is the perfect melding of ideas from laptops and smartphones. They wanted the 'Thrive' to appeal to either user, and provide enough functionality to appeal to a wide variety of customers. By designing the device from the ground-up with this in mind, it comes with a dizzying array of features and functions. For example, it will come in customizable colors, has multiple elements of inter-connectivity for ease-of-use, and will have a multitude of accessories available at launch. (You can check out a bunch more pics at the source link below). Here's a breakdown of everything including the full specs on the device:
    'Thrive' - Android Tablet Specs:
    • 10.1" display (1280×800)
    • NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor
    • 2.0MP front-facing webcam
    • 5.0 MP rear camera with autofocus
    • Stereo speakers
    • USB, mini-USB, and HDMI ports
    • SD card reader
    • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Gyroscope, Accelerometer, e-Compass, GPS and Ambient Light
    • Screen rotation lock switch
    • User-replaceable battery
    • Interchangeable rubber back plate, available in a variety of colors (each costs $19.99)
    Additional Notable Features and Options:
    • Operating System on Launch – Honeycomb 3.1
    • 6 different color back plates – Ships with Black, but also has Blue, Purple, Silver, Green, and Pink, all available for $19.99 each
    • User Replaceable Battery is $89.99, that comes in a size of 2030mAh and a tested runtime of 7 hours continuous HD playback
    • Quick charge technology for 90% charge after 1.5 hours
    • Toshiba Built Applications – Toshiba File Manager, Toshiba Media Player
    • Preinstalled Apps – Printer Sharing, LogMeIn, Need for Speed, QuickOffice
    • 2 Docks, one with power and audio for $39, and the other for power, audio, USB, and HDMI for $59.
    It's reedonkulous how many additional features and accessories this baby is going to have available! It was a nice touch on Toshiba's part to want to cover every base they could imagine. It looks like the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer might have some serious competition!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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