Tribune Company Planning a Tablet of their Own?

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    It is being reported that Tribune Companies is planning an Android-based tablet of their own for those that are willing to sign long-term subscriptions for their papers (Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Baltimore Sun are some of their properties).

    Tribune Co and Samsung have apparently been in talks, with the tablet being subsidized by the media giant, and perhaps having a data tie-in with one of the major cellular providers.

    The ROM will also reportedly be extremely locale-centric to the paper that the users subscription is for. While there are free iPad and Android apps already available for Tribune media, there is not yet a Honeycomb-centric app and this aims to fill this gap.

    As far as how serious they are about it, the Chief Executive (Eddie Hartenstein) is the primary driving force behind this new approach to media and subscriber services so who knows, is this the state of things to come? In addition to print, Tribune Media owns 24 television stations in multiple markets so that is another set of users/subscribers for the media giant.

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