Time Inc. To Debut Entire 21 Title Lineup on Tablets This Year

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    Time, Inc. just announced hat they will be launching their entire lineup of 21 different magazines to your Android Tablet later this year. As an industry, magazine publishing has been hit hard by the internet just like newspaper publishing has, but Time Inc. was wise enough to "see the writing on the wall" and are now porting their full magazine lineup to tablets. Besides Time Magazine itself you can also look forward to People, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly and many others coming to your tablet soon. This is the only smart move they could make, and it makes Time, Inc. the first major magazine publisher to go this route. It will probably be a slow domino effect before too long for other magazine publishing companies, as tablet sales will only grow. You will have several options for subscribing. You can choose digital only, print and digital, or the ability to purchase single editions. Here's the full press release below for more details. Could this be the "next step" in the death of physical publishing?
    Source: Droid-Life

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