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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Apps' started by rbryanp, May 1, 2013.

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    So far I have determined that it will pinpoint my location when I use my Nexus 7 internal GPS. It will not search for a location, but it seems to present a route if you have an address to enter. I have tried starting the app in the middle of a parking lot where I leave my car when I commute to work by the local transit system.Yesterday it was overcast and drizzling. The GPS took a few minutes to fix my location. But today it found my location in under 30 seconds under a sunny and cloud-free sky.

    I have only tried entering my street name so far and it seems to plot a route from a location where I am not using WiFi. But I haven't had the opportunity to try a different location yet. I will tomorrow when I have to go to a new location on the way home I plan to visit tomorrow after I leave the office, but haven't entered into the tablet. I just need to remember the address or intersection.

    I'll post my results after I have tried that test.



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