Trying to upgrade my c91 2n tablet.

Discussion in 'Zenithink ZT280 C91 & C91 Upgrade' started by Mulligascos, Apr 30, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I am having nothing but heartbreak trying to upgrade my ebay knockoff zenithink zt-280 c91 2n tablet.
    I have had the tablet for three months, for most of that time it has been pretty much a nightmare, with a fault that caused any applications to close and the screen to flick from one thing to another without rhyme or reason. After hitting up the chinese supplier, I was informed that I should upgrade the software using the official software from the zenithink site.
    I downloaded the correct version, ZT280_H1_2n_C91_Android4.0_0313_V2.8 and followed the instructions in the text file.

    Copied the correct folder contents into the zt-upgrade folder, copied this to a SD card, inserted the card and rebooted the tablet while holding in the camera button.

    I might be doing something wrong, but everytime i try and upgrade, it says ugrade skipped and continues to load up the old version.

    can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, as it is driving me mad...

    Thanks in advance

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