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Discussion in 'Advent Tablets' started by hazi1964, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Well, two weeks and two days to be precise.

    I've been lurking on here and I THINK my decision is made to go ahead and get the Advent Vega, it's been a toss up between that and the Asus Transformer. I do like the transformer but want to get rid of my most expensive mobile contract which only leaves me enough for the Vega.

    Having read both forums, it seems people who own the Vega are very happy with their devices and it does seem to have alot of support on here with customization etc.

    I could well change my mind again between now and July 14th but am definitely for the Vega at the moment. Have had a play on it again in the shop today, they must be getting so fed up with me going in there and playing on their tablets every week. lol.

    It's quite boring out of the box by the look of it and I would obviously have to root, get market, flash custom rom etc etc but the ease of use and responsiveness etc seems pretty ok to me.

    So, apologies for my ramblings, now for the countdown. lol.


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