USB Hub on Kyros 1126 Tablet

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    I bought a Coby Kyros 1126 tablet and USB keyboard to see if I could use a mouse and keyboard simultaneously. (Tablet does NOT have bluetooth.) I found that if you limited current draw using the right USB hub and wireless mouse it could be made to work. In the images below I have the keyboard, wireless mouse and a USB jumpdrive connected and working. (The cursor doesn't show in the image, but it is present.)

    This works better with a powered USB hub since you don't risk overloading the mini-USB connection. The keyboard case is intended to be used with a Zenithink ZT-180 C90, modified by moving the right side bracket to fit the Coby 1126, with speaker carpeting bonded to cover the modifications.

    {Click to expand images}
    $Kyros_1126_1.jpg $Kyros_1126_2.jpg
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