Using Google Voice on the Kyros or an Alternative?

Discussion in 'Coby Tablet Apps and Games' started by mbanol, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Alright, so I used to have textfree, which I downloaded from the net, until I just recently rooted my Kyros. Now, I saw that Google Voice came installed with the Market along with other apps that I have just removed. I have not removed Google Voice in hopes, that somebody might be able to get calls running. Has anyone successfully managed to make calls using Google Voice? (I can text using Google Voice.) If you have could you make some kind of walk through or guide? I really don't want to return it. If not, then do you use any alternative applications? Could you post HOW to use those if you do or where to install them? GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks! (Btw, I'm desperate.)

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