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    I stick to android 2 roms that don't completely rule out hardware acceleration on my gtab, and sometimes I just run into an issue where at times a video will play fine in hardware mode, whether or not I'm using the movie player that comes with mountain laurel or mx viewer, but then later I go to play it and the on board video payer will just not play it at all, and mx player will only play it in software mode, which doesn't do the job.

    Anyone know how to fix this? Obviously the players are able to play these videos, like MP4 and AVI, fine normally but something seems to pop up and stop them working at least with hardware. Any help is appreciated. Do I need some aort of app killer to shuyt down all unnecessary apps?

    BTW, the best video results got were with beastly, but it had some limits that makde it unsioted for me. can't cyanogen to install at all.

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