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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note/Tab' started by GalaxyMan, Nov 22, 2013.

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    Hi All,

    I'm on the verge of buying a Galaxy Note Tablet (either the 8.0 or the 10.1). Besides utilising the stylus, I will be using it to watch some movies from my backup collection. I've taken a few films into Curries to test them out and I've come across a video playback problem on some of them. Using both the Note 8 and Note 10.1, whilst 'The Avengers' plays back fine at a resolution of 688x384, 'Skyfall' is distorted at a resolution of 720x432. It has a squeezed look about it (horizontally) and makes Bond look somewhat like a wafer. Has anybody come across this?

    Strangely, when I try the same file in the Galaxy Tab 3, it works fine; the tablet downsizes the film accordingly giving that wide-screen appearance / or letterbox effect that shows the film as it was meant to be seen.

    At first I wondered if it may be due to the operating system but the Tab 3 10.1 has Jellybean 4.2 whereas the Note 10.1 has Jellybean 4.1. But then the Note 8 has 4.2 and I get the same issue. I wondered if the problem was solely with the Note range, but the same issue occurs in the Tab 3 7.0.

    I backup my films using Handbreak using the 'High Profile' setting and the resulting file is a .m4v extension. I wouldn't want to go re-encoding all my 720x432 as that would take ages. Whenever I play films on my Sony Xperia P phone there's never a problem playing widescreen nor is there a problem playing them back on my PC. I tried the video in a 10 inch Xperia Tablet and that correctly put the film into widescreen.

    Can anyone help? I really hope to get it working so that I can get the Note.

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