Viewpad 7 vs new Accelero Dual-Core NEC EV2-Cortex A9-1GHz CPU (real deal?)

Discussion in 'Viewsonic Tablets' started by justix, Dec 4, 2011.

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    Ok I did edit the first post as I did a bit of investigation about the product that I actually decide to order through this dealer and I found out that this tablet could be a re-brand of a Rena (Renesas) Dual Core Cortex A9
    and I wonder if anybody has more information about it especially the hacking to honeycomb 3.0 or any firmware update.
    Again I'm very new to this scene and I was quite attracted by the idea of buying a second tablet but 7" without going spending too much like for the Samsung 7" tablet..still a bit performant and stable.

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