visual land PRESTIGE 10 loading error

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    visual land VL110
    I recently tried to install APACHE android version of open office. The program downloaded and installation started but after the normal wait (while the installation progressed), I got the following message: "cannot install to USB or sd card". I know the installation is large (50M) but the internal memory is 16G and my external sd chip is also 16G and neither isn't even remotely close to full. A search of the internet pointed to file named "smdl2tmp1.asec" that needed to be deleted. I downloaded a root capable file manager but could not find this file anywhere including the 2 locations indicated in my internet reading.

    This is the only occurance of this problem - it does not occur when downloading from Google play or any other site. I contacted the APACHE Open Office people and they said it is an android problem, so here I am!

    ICE CREAM 4.04

    Any ideas?:

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