What do you think about Asus Transformer Prime??

Discussion in 'Asus Tablets' started by mehdivinci, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Hello everyones!
    I'm glad to be here!
    please help me to find my tablet to buy!!:D
    I'm very very interested with Asus Transformer Prime , but there is some really question about this tablet that really scary!!!
    1. how is asus support?? you know , samsung is one the best manufacture in the world but it really don't care enough about its costumers, especially in electronics , on the other hand , Apple have very very good support (you can receive update for 3GS even!!!) and its Ipad.
    I don't want to buy something that its age over after 6 month!!!
    And I don't apple policy on so many things!!!!!;)
    so I want go for asus , but please help me without any preconception!
    do you think asus will support its tablet??
    2. how is the quality and quantity of programs and games of android for tablets??
    it is really important for me!
    and i mean now , not 1 year latter!!!!
    so please help me!
    thank you so much!

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    Mar 26, 2012
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    Asus Transformer Prime
    I've only received my Asus Transformer Prime two days ago, and haven't had any reason to contact Asus. I have NO idea how their support is, to be honest.

    The Asus Transformer Prime is probably the top of the line Android tablet, at the moment.

    It comes with NVidia's quad core processor, which, from my brief experience, is fantastic!

    Tablet is very smooth, changing between screens is fast, pinch to zoom or expand works about as well is it doesn't on an Apple IPad (my wife and son both have an iPad, my son has the new iPad) and everything so far has been about the smoothest experience on an Android device that I've experienced!

    I would bet money that the NEXT iPad will have a quad core... so, the Asus Transformer Prime will NOT be out of date any time soon!

    That being said, Asus HAS announced a new Transformer. It will have a nicer screen, but will cost $100 more. It also isn't known exactly when it will be released, and Asus says they'll continue to sell the Transformer Prime even after the newer model, with the nicer screen and plastic back panel is released (plastic back panel is expected to give the new tablet better GPS and wifi capabilities)

    Tons of apps and games!

    Perhaps not QUITE as many as on the iPad, but believe me, there are TONS of apps!

    Also, for example, if you don't like the browser that comes on an iPad, I believe you're stuck with it!

    With an Android tablet, there are about six or eight different browsers you can choose from!

    Only one example.

    If you can buy a TP from Best Buy, and have 30 days to play with it and return it if you're unhappy, I'd suggest you do that.

    I'd also be VERY surprised if you return it!

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    galaxy note,galaxy 8.9 ,nook color
    - Do you think Asus will support its tablets? - you are asking and I found a couple of answer to your question, totally different though .....

    Samsung Galaxy Note

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