what is a better os for rooting

Discussion in 'Nook Color Technical' started by thatkid18, Apr 26, 2011.

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    what is a better os for the nook color 2.2 2.3 or 3.0
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    Before you root please do a lot of reading. Then do even more reading. Make sure you are doing what you want to do and understand how to do it.

    The "OS" is Android.
    The 2.2 2.3 or 3.0 is the version of that "OS"

    There are versions of 3.0 out there but I haven't heard much good from them. They work but just don't give the total experience.

    Versions of 2.3 seem to be the best choice. You get the most updated version of Android and all the benefits.

    Version 2.2 is ok but not as updated.

    The real question should be, "What root/rom process should I use?".

    Should you use a bootable SD card ?
    Should you flash the rom straight to the nook?
    Should you use CyanogenMod CM7 ?

    Bottom line is, its up to you what to do. You should do some research yourself and decide what you think works for you.

    I myself recommend CyanogenRom. I have used it since the first root of the G1 phone. I have 2 G1's, 2 MyTouch's, 2 Vibrants and 2 Nook Colors all rooted using CyanogenMod. It is simple to use and has a lot of support to back it up.
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    +1 to what kabbie said. If you search this Nook forum you will find your question asked several times and the threads list the many opinions as to which version of android works best for each user.

    At this point you can only have android 2.1 if you choose to use autonooter (2.2 coming very soon) and retain B&N functionality. For 2.2 or 2.3 you will need to use a custom ROM. Honeycomb or 3.0 is just a preview and is not really usable for the most part.


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