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Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch' started by lemmerdeur, Jul 30, 2011.

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    First, I would like to know the difference and advantage to have more internal memory, 2GB to 32 GB. Wouldn't 8Gb be enough for an average customer?
    Then on China Grabber, there are 14 different Flytouch3 superpad II with android 2.2 for sale with different retail price for the same memory? Could you explain like a 8GB for $259.99 and lower, 8BG for $299.99 but none for retail over $300 when the retail for a 4GB goes up to $ 369.99! One 32GB goes for retail $289.99 and an other $399.99. I am talking all Ibex. Could you please explain?
    And last, on the forum it says there are no Superpad III that are real, they are all clones. Why is there one listed on China Grabber?
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    The more internal memory, the more storage you have. Of course you have to pay a little more. For general use, I think 8 GB would be OK if you don't want to save many videos on you tab.(actually, it's not necessary, in my view.)
    As regard different prices, that's just like other items depending on which vendor you're going with, esp. for these chinese tabs. I once picked up a sd card for $35 from a vendor, but then noticed another vendor only charged $22.99. The same card.(almost kill me). So, I learned the lesson that it's better to do a good research work before you place your order on any sites. Besides, it's help you avoid some scams by checking vendor's reputation around the web. As for Flytouch 3 tab, I searched around but found it's not as expensive as you mentioned above.
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