What Is The Meaning Of Sound Mod, How Does It Operate?

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    Hi I am Rupesh from India and I love to listen good music in Android smartphones. In order to get rich music experience I am searching for sound mods.

    At present I am using redmi note 4 with MIUI 9.2 and redmi note 4 has a separate audio processing unit and also software for it.

    While searching for sound mod for redmi note 4 I found quasar atom and I was stunned by examining it's features and some of it's features are

    1. ClearAudio+
    2. HTC beats
    3. Viper4android
    4. Dolby Atmos
    5. Dirac HD

    My question is after flashing the zip file of this sound mod when I play music in my smartphone which technology plays important role ie., clear audio+ or HTC beats or Dolby atmos or Dirac HD.

    Does only one of the above mentioned technologies tries to maximize the music experience or all of the above tries to maximize the music experience.

    Please clarify my doubt. I am new to sound mod technology and so can any one of you specify a link which provides the theory about how does sound mod works.

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    If you installed all of them the sound quality would be modified by each of them, which really isn't a good thing. So I would select only one and install it. Personally I recommend Viper4Android as it's the most popular and has a proven track record. I do however have Dolby Atmos on my Lenovo Tab 4 (preinstalled) and it works equally well.
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