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    im stuck at to which brand of tablet this is. unfortunately its stuck on the boot screen which shows an android logo in the shape of the ice cream sandwich. i know that it has ice cream sandwich as the OS but it will not boot any further so i cant see the brand or any other details.

    i need to flash the rom but without the model i stuck as to which rom is the one that i need. If any one notices what brand this is that would be a great help to me.

    all i know is that it is a 7 inch tablet

    $back view.jpg
    this shows the back
    $back view 2.jpg
    this shows the back

    $front view.jpg
    the front of the tablet

    $side 2.jpg

    these are the various ports on the side.

    i really need someone help once i know what tablet it is then i can flash it and finally play with it.


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