Which Tablet With A Lot Of Sensors (Proximity, Pressure,…)?

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    Hello everybody,

    I have to buy a tablet for a research project. During the project I have to collect sensor and user inputs of the tablet (The goal is to predict the attention level of the user with machine learning). I'm thinking about the following sensors / specifications the tablet should have:

    • Proximity sensor (proximity of face to device)
    • Acceleration
    • Gyroscope
    • Pressure sensor (touchscreen pressure)
    • Touchscreen input (where touched, trace,...)
    • GPS
    • Audio / Video (front cam)
    • Sim card slot / WLAN
    If there are more sensor which I'm currently not aware of, feel free to mention them.

    Of course the OS (Android) has to provide facility to read out the corresponding values. I think the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 fulfills all requirements, except the pressure sensor. I'm not aware of an Android device which has a pressure sensor built in.

    Which device would you recommend fulfilling the above requirements (and having perhaps additional sensors)?

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