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    MID 7" WM8650
    I have five of these tablets. So far, 3 out of 4 are working fine with respect to Wi-Fi connectivity. One is not. I've seen that testing with an unsecure Wi-Fi will shed some light. I'll do that later. I've got 3 of the machines in front of me and the one that is not connecting to the secure home network has a different build number. So, I'm believing the router could be the issue due to the difference in builds. What can I do to resolve this? I haven't tried changing the router settings yet either.

    But besides that, I'm wondering ... how do I figure out what I can do with these devices? Can I upgrade the build? If so to what and how and where do I get what I need? Can I update the Android version? If so, to what, how and where do I get what I need? I'd like to get the most out of these as I can.

    The box says MID WP-700. The box also says 802.11 b/g/n for the Wifi. I'll have to see if all 5 are the same. If so, I would expect them all to work on my secure network. But they were cheap and they were made in China, so my expectations were set pretty low to begin with. Because of that, I've been relatively pleased with these. But I'd like to get more out of them if I can.

    Model: WonderMedia WM8650
    Android Version: 2.2

    Working build: generic-eng2.2 Froyo Ver1.5.3-20110819.062300
    Non-working build: generic-eng2.2 Froyo Ver1.5.3-20110819. ... shoot! the battery died. I believe everything was the same up to the last decimal point.

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