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    Maylong M270 Tablet Pc/Samsung Transform Ultra/Huawei Prism
    i wanna make this thread for my tablet in case others have it too.i have this wondermedia based tablet made by maylong, generic of course, the model Maylong M-270 mobility tablet pc. i have achieved root status, titanium backup & superuser confirmed root status. here is my method of rooting. make sure u have debugg checked in the settings. go here https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8civr2mszj77ib/PDAnet-32bit.zip and download pdanet and extract and install. run program and install drivers, choose unknown since device is not listed, and let it install all the required drivers. then go here https://www.dropbox.com/s/vfi9exsew0p2wld/DooMLoRD_v1_Xperia-2011-ICS-ROOT-emu-busybox-su.zip and download, extract and click runme.bat, follow the on-screen instructions it provides and watch ur tablet get rooted.

    Btw, to acess the stock recovery, use an app to reboot u into it cuz i havent found the keyboard combo for that yet. to acess the recovery menu u will need the keyboard plugged in, once it is, hold the fn key and the home button(left keyboard button for my tablet) and the menu should pop up.

    this isnt much but its a start so if the mods wanna sticky this or something so its here for everybody that would be cool. im trying to do wat i can with this device, im a noob on some things still. i do need help with porting clockworkmod if anybody wants to help.

    any problems with my links or instructions, please PM me and ill help with what i can.
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