[YouTube] Flashback - Honeycomb - Alpha 6.0 [G-TABLET\ZPAD T2] by tlbardelljr

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    Ref: [ROM - 1.2] Flashback - Honeycomb - Alpha 6.0 (7/25/11) [G-TABLET\ZPAD T2] - SlateDroid.com
    Download update.zip
    Changelog: (a6.0)
    Smart Flash is really included this time!; Changed to pershoots

    As of now 7/26/2011, this is the latest HC rom from tlbardelljr.

    The video gave a quick view of the start-up and few others. I flashed the new 6.0 over the 5.5 version, after cache wipes. The initial start-up after flashing took over 3 minutes. The video only showed a portion of the boot time, so don't be surprised.

    Everything that was working on 5.5 performs well, or better on 6.0. Wifi connection to hidden SSID is fine. One surprise is that trailer video from imdb does not work this time. It did in 5.5. Will have to figure it out later.

    The default Gallery3D is FC'ed after the first boot. It can be, and was, removed using Root Uninstaller.

    The original video is 13 minutes long, H.264, 1280 x 720 frames, 7440 bps, 60 fps. But it was encoded to lower resolution for easy uploaded.

    The video does not reflects the true beauty of screen due to our cheap camera. The actual screen was vibrant and sharp. The rom has nice boot screen and wallpaper. The wallpaper is not the best there is, as it affects some icons. But it is better than the ones from other rom's. Perhaps the standard blue background, which is included, is better for the eyes.

    There are five screen pages, a Home page and four others. There should be plenty of real estate for folks to display their favorite apps. The first page I had it reserved for book readers, news readers, and media players; applications on the second; online apps on the third and games on the fourth.

    Another great on from tlbardelljr .

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