[YouTube] Flashback - Honeycomb - Alpha 7.0 [G-TABLET\ZPAD T2] by tlbardelljr

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    Ref: [ROM - 1.2] Flashback - Honeycomb - Alpha 7.0 (7/28/11) [G-TABLET\ZPAD T2] - SlateDroid.com

    The video is 12 minutes long, HD 1280 x 720p, H-264/AVC, 60 fps. It gives a quick overview of how the rom handles Book Reader, CNN video, HD video playback with RockPlayer, Smartbench 2011, Gallery, full screen youtube video, IMDB trailer video, Google Map, Need for Speed, Kongregate, etc . .

    The video does not reflects the true beauty of screen due to our cheap camera. The actual screen was vibrant and sharp. The rom has nice boot screen and wallpaper. I experienced solid wifi connection, no fc or freezing after a day of usage.


    Since I upgraded from an earlier Flashback version, I used this procedure:

    - Boot into ClockWorkMod Recovery
    - Select "Wipe Cache partition"
    - Then select Advanced, and select "Wipe Dalvik Cache"
    - Then from main menu, select "Install zip from sdcard"
    - Do Not reboot after applying the upgrade
    - Select "Wipe Cache partition"
    - Reboot and let it sit for 5-10 minutes after 1st boot then check favorite apps and reinstall/move to tablet as needed then another reboot. Then when satisfied that everything works - Nandroid backup.

    If I am to upgrade to this rom from another 1.2 bl rom, I would have to add the data wipe before and after the flash.

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