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    need suggestions for used verizon capable tablet

    hi. i have a phone with unlimited data from back when verizon gave such deals at good rates. so, obviously, i can't change my plan! i also have a crappy laptop that is out of date. however, i almost never use the minutes on my phone, and am planning to do the following. 1 - get a pay as you...
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    Switching Between on-screen Keyboard and External Bluetooth Keyboard

    I have a samsung galaxy tab 12.2 tablet. I recently upgraded to the Samsung supplied Android 5.1.1. In Android 4.x.x there used to be a little keyboard icon in the top ribbon. Using that I could easily switch bach and forth between the two keyboards. But now, under Android 5, this capability...
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    Is there a 12'' with a keyboard and LTE android tablet?

    Hi, I am looking for an android tablet which is 12'' and have a keyboard, better if it has an LTE, is there such a thing ? Thanks, Devox
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    How To Disable Touchpad On RCA Viking Pro

    I cannot type on my keyboard dock without touching the mouse and messing up what I'm trying to type. When I google how to disable the touchpad, it tells me there is a button in the top left of the keyboard dock that should be above the 3 that disables the touchpad, but none of the buttons I...