Switching Between on-screen Keyboard and External Bluetooth Keyboard


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Jul 8, 2016
I have a samsung galaxy tab 12.2 tablet. I recently upgraded to the Samsung supplied Android 5.1.1. In Android 4.x.x there used to be a little keyboard icon in the top ribbon. Using that I could easily switch bach and forth between the two keyboards. But now, under Android 5, this capability seems to be missing. So now I get both the on-screen keyboard and the bluetooth keyboard everytime I place the mouse in an input field.

When I am using my tablet during the day at home I want just the bluetooth keyboard activated. I do not want that on-screen keyboard to jump up in-my-face everytime I touch the screen. But When I am in the car, or at night when I am using my tablet in bed, I want the on-screen keyboard to reliably be there when i touch an input field.

How do I switch the on-screen keyboard on and off in Android 5.1.1?
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