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    iCraig Tablet Failed Reset

    Hello guys; im new to this website and new to these tablets. So, a friend of mine sold me one of these tablets, model:CMP801-BUN. She couldn’t remember her password, so I looked up online how to factory reset the tablet. I proceeded to do so; and it got to 61% before telling me there was a...
  2. Z

    Can't Install/Uninstall Anything

    Okay so I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post, but I need some serious help with my tablet. My tablet messed up yesterday really badly and it deleted almost all my apps from my tablet spare a few like Google, Youtube and two other games, but everything else is gone. I've had this...
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    Ematic EGL25LB

    I have had this little tablet for a couple years. It use to work great and never had any issues with it. I even got Netflix to play on it too. My problem is all of the sudden the Wi-Fi will not even turn on. You can slide the button over to on and it says it is attempting to turn on but after a...