Ematic EGL25LB


Junior Member
Feb 15, 2016
I have had this little tablet for a couple years. It use to work great and never had any issues with it. I even got Netflix to play on it too. My problem is all of the sudden the Wi-Fi will not even turn on. You can slide the button over to on and it says it is attempting to turn on but after a few minutes returns back to the off button while still saying it is trying to connect. I attempted a hard reset and reboot after figuring out what buttons to hold and how to navigate. Reset the time and date too and later found on this forum somebody offered that as the solution to turn on Wi-Fi. Let me say that it does not work or fix it also as a few said it did. I have searched for over 4 months for a solution and it really seems stupid to have to throw something away that other than Wi-Fi working works fine. There has got to be a solution for this. There are no error messages when attempting to turn it on so do not think it is hardware malfunction. The only thing that has stood out while in the "about" tab in "settings" is that it says the "MAC" id is unknown and that seemed odd. Could be the issue I believe but do not know how to fix this. I would like to know if this could be fixed or fooled long enough to see if that is the problem. Frustrated to say the least. Thanks if you bothered reading all this.