1. P

    Galaxy S5e stopped working with bluetooth controller

    I recently got a used S5e and connected a telescopic bluetooth controller to it. (Ipega 9023 I think). It immediately connected and everything worked fine. About 2 weeks later I attempted to connect a different Ipega controller, and it paired fine and worked in the tablet menus but as soon as I...
  2. F

    Unlock Android Tablet With Broken Screen

    Samsung Tab S2. Screen was completed broken. Touch is not responsive. How to unlock the tablet?
  3. P

    Note 10.1 Won't Charge When Turned On

    Charges perfectly when powered down. Randomly disconnects charging after a couple minutes when turned on. Tried 4 different samsung Chargers. Reformatted and reinstalled. Still has issue. Thanks in advance Paul
  4. T

    Samsung Tablet File Transfer To PC

    PC operating system is windows 7 Samsung tablet operating system is android 4.4.2 I am working on my mom's tablet to get files onto an external hdd. I am connecting through usb. It says usb device not recognized. So I changed cables but no go. I tries going into device manager but still has...
  5. jordan1998

    Battery Replacement

    ok so strictly speaking its not a tablet but a friend told me to try here. so of october last year i purchased a samsung s6 clone and up untill now its been 100%. last week i noticed a bubble apear in the screen and found it to be the battery expanding in the back. it is connected by 3 wires but...
  6. G

    S Note: How To Change Default Picture Editor To Edit Cover

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition). When I selected "Edit cover" for one of my S notes, after selecting a photo from Gallery, rather than selecting the app that I always use (QuickPic) to crop it, I accidentally selected the other editor option and set this as the default picture...