sd card

  1. ZEEEst

    How to recover photos from a tablet after accidentally formatting an SD card?

    Hello, I have an unfortunate incident. The samsung 64 gb sd card from my tablet is not working. There were important materials on it. The card is not displayed in the tablet itself. If you connect the card to a computer, the system says that the card is damaged and needs to be formatted. After...
  2. slammerkin

    Tablet No Longer Reading SD Card Files, But Laptop Is - Fixable?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (9”), and a 132GB Sanidisk SD card I've been using with it for a little under 6 months. I've never had any issues with it until this morning- one minute it was fine, then my tablet started getting hinky. It would stall out or certain apps would stop working, even...
  3. I

    Using LINK2SD App On Tablet

    I want to expand the internal memory of my Samsung Galaxy Tablet ((Android version 4.4.2) from the external SD card memory , by using the Mini Tool Partition Wizard and the Link2SD application. Instructions are at 7 Methods to Increase Internal Storage Space of Android I have...
  4. T

    SD card not recognized after unplugging from pc

    Hi! I have been using a Galaxy Tab S for the last 6 months with a Samsung 64GB Micro SD. Every once in a while I connect the Tablet to the PC and just put E-Books, music or movies on the SD card. Up until yesterda it worked fine evcerytime. Yesterday I wanted to load 2 movies from my PC on the...
  5. B

    Question about Micro SD cards, TF cards and Android tablet

    My wife and I have Android Phones and Tablets along with Windows 8.1 and 10 Phones, Tablets and Desktop PCs. As I'm waiting for Microsoft to get off it's collective butt and release decent Windows 10 phones, I purchased my first Android phone with SD card. My wife also has an SD card with her...
  6. E

    Move Photos From Download Folder To SD Card

    Hello, I thought I it figured out how to do it without an app, but I can't seem to reproduce how I ever did it :( Sure I can hook it to my PC and move the files that way, but surely there's a way to do it w/o the PC! I am talking about photos or video files NOT apps, I only want to move the...