3 question about my tablet


Oct 23, 2010
i have tablet that i have bought in china

1. is name is uPad7 is that real android tablet because he has android OS

2. my app market doesnt call "market" like it supposed to be is that ok?

3. when i connect him to the computer nothing is happening what should i do?


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Aug 6, 2010
1. Any tablet with Android is an Android Tablet. There are right now about 100 different Android tablets. Actually, There are about 7 different Android tablets, but over 100 different shops reselling one of the same units
2. Unless the Manufacturer complies and meets Google specifications and pays a use fee, there will not be Android Market installed that works. There are many alternate sources. The most popular I think is Slideme
3. You need to research. This is a common problem. You need to configure your tablet to connect correctly in settings. And you may need to install a driver for your PC.
There are also connection problems for 64bit Win7 and Android.

Research and read, these questions have been asked and answered before.