3G/4G access in USA for Chinese Tablets?


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Oct 5, 2010
Just got an offer in my mail for 4G access through a company called "Clear" that is now offering service in my area (it also says they offer access to 3G "nationwide").

What caught my attention is that they have a couple options called the "ClearSpot" and "iSpot" that are little devices about the size of a flip phone that provide 3G/4G access to up to 8 wi-fi enabled devices. According to their information these little hotspot things configure via a web interface, can also do data-only connections via mini-USB, but otherwise just show up to your mobile device as an available wi-fi hotspot. You can secure it with WEP/WPA if you want as well, or share the love with anyone nearby. Prices look like they range from $100 - $225 for the device + service which can be month-to-month or a 2-year contract @ $45-$60/mo. A little steep for me right now I'm afraid.

Given that nobody in the United States has been able to get any 3G USB Modems to work with these Chinese Android tablets presumably because of driver issues, these hotspot devices from Clear may be the answer. You don't plug it into the USB port like a typical 3G/4G dongle, it's a stand-alone device you can keep in your bag, coat pocket, or set in the middle of the table, and share amongst multiple devices.

Anyway, thought I'd make people aware of it as an option to get on-the-go access for their China tablets. Their web site is www.clear.com/spot if you want to check service availability and details.

(this isn't an endorsement or advertisement, I don't know whether they're any good or not, just passing it along)