3G APN settings with Viewcomb 3.2 & Honeyice RC3


May 5, 2012

I recently flashed my P10AN01 Vega clone with 3G SIM slot (Jextab Delux) with Viewcomb and Honeyice, both are excellent ROMs far superior to the stock viewsonic-type version it came with.

However can't save the APN settings, the selection is greyed out, have read about issues with Honeycomb not saving without SIM present, but have tried with both Three and Orange SIMs in place, WIFI off etc still no option to save APN.

Putting the Viewsonic Viewpad 10s ROM back on allows me to save APN and use 3g, so unlikely a hardware issue? but not what I was looking for, is there a fix/around for this withe either HC based ROM

Alternatively can anyone suggest a better ROM than Viewpad 10s with no APN issues.

Anyhelp much appreciated