4.2 questions for a newby///


Oct 31, 2012
Hi All
I am new to droid, just got a new Nexus 10 with JB 4.2. I also bought a Kensington case with BT keyboard. A couple of questions? How can I remove a bluetooth device I am not using, I would like to delete it permininly. Also is there a way to pause a movie I am streaming from Netflicks from the detachable Kensington keyboard. I am trying to keep up with technolagy at my old age,:D:D. This operating system is a whole new learning curve for me. I am well versed in Windows, I also have one last question, I have an Iphone 4s ( dont kill me please). Is there an app that will let me teather my IPhone to the Nexus 10? either bluetooth or cable? I have ATT with the Iphone. LOL and last question is there an easy spell check I can use with droid? Thanks for any help. Mike
Welcome to the forum Mike, thanks for joining us!

To remove a BT device, tap the settings icon (3 sliders) to the right and then tap UNPAIR in the next screen.

The only way to pause movies in netflix that I have found is to tap the screen. Even a keyboard with play pause buttons does not seem to work.

You can tether your phone for data by using Bluetooth or WiFi, but you will have to get it enabled through your carrier. You can check on your iPhone in Settings - General - Network - Hotspot and see if it is active. If not, you will need to call AT&T and pay for the service. I am not sure what the price is now, last time I checked it was $50 for 5 GB of tethering. You can pair via WiFi hotspot or use a Bluetooth connection to tether to your tablet. If using BT, you have to go into the settings for your iPhone connection on your tablet (the three sliders) and enable the internet connection check box.

You can connect via USB cable to a USB port (need an OTG cable for your tablet) and it may open gallery to allow you to import photos, but that is really the only thing it will do.

Spell check is built into most keyboards and works with most (but not all) apps. For some reason the spell check does not work with most browsers on these forums, but it does work for me on other websites. It gives a red underline for misspelled words.